We are excellent internet/Google researchers in the realm of list building, internet data mining in India, identifying contact information of a specific individual within a company. We completely understand your need to find a name, email address and Linkedin profile of the business owner, CEO or the right person from a company. Having Linkedin proficiency, we investigate like detectives to help mine data from Linkedin and various sources.

We are very detailed, organized and have an advanced ability to perform research online as well as create elaborate reports based on findings. We are savvy in finding a brief history, size estimates, financial data, any parent or subsidiary companies via Google search. Reach out if you are looking to:

1. Building a list

2. Identifying contact information

3. Scanning social media profiles and stats (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

4. Data gathering and presenting in Excel Spreadsheet format, google drive, CRM, etc..

5. Data mining from tradeshow websites

6. Find contractors from several sources

Example List that we can build:

– Spreadsheet of Journalists, political bloggers with their Name, email address, and who they write for.

– Research for Insurance Companies to find email addresses, names and titles.

– Finding Principal, Athletic Director, a science teacher from every public school in the US.